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FQ Phenom, Admiration Unmatched Review

For many of us, cigar smoking is a hobby. For others it becomes an obsession and for even fewer it is their livelihood. In the case of Matt Hunt, founder of Fernandez Quiorga (FQ), that hobby turned obsession created a new adventure. Digging his heels into the soil level of cigars through his work with John Oliva, Matt translated what he learned and his passion into a line of premium cigars. In 2013 a star was born, launching the Phenom from FQ. By definition, Phenom is an admired up and comer. Now nearly 5 years on the scene, the Phenom has been mentioned by many trusted cigar names and today I get to give my take on the widely popular Phenom no 3. At first glance of this beautiful Toro cigar, the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is oily and chocolate brown in color with visible flat veins throughout and a dual band. The dry draw is chocolate and earth with a hint of raisin. Upon lighting the foot, you get a very flavorful burst of chocolate, leather and black pepper. Smoking into the first third, the profile adds an element of cream to create a very flavorful smoke filled with chocolate, leather, black pepper and a hint of raisin. The retrohale is just as enjoyable giving us a robust chocolate and black pepper flavor through the nose. Halfway through this smoke and the profile is tasty, the notes remain the same with a bit of oak edging it’s way into the mix. Down into the final third, the Phenom continues to impress. The flavor notes remain adding a very welcomed dash of cinnamon to this already delicious bouquet. The final puffs were just as tasty as the first. The Phenom no 3 smokes at a strong medium, the burn was razor sharp with no issues and the draw was perfect. From construction to flavor the Phenom was great. This cigar is a flavor bomb and coming in under $10 the value here is unmatched. If you haven’t tried the Phenom No 3 then get to it because you are definitely missing out. I can see this being a timeless go to cigar for years to come because Class never goes out of style…

– David Harvey

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