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The Name

FQ is derived from the surnames of our founder's two iconic Cuban families. Francisco Fernandez, his mother’s paternal grandfather, created a renowned family business in pre-industry tobacco selection. He and his sons worked with tobacco farmers and cigar manufacturers to select the highest quality Cuban tobacco.  Acacia Quiroga, his mother’s maternal grandmother, was the heiress to the Quiroga family business, Ron Quiroga.  Also known as Ron Pinilla, Ron Quiroga was the second largest rum company in Cuba, closely trailing the great Bacardi Family. 

The Man

Matt Hunt is the founder and proprieter of Fernandez Quiroga.  He founded FQ when his hobby became an infatuation. From the tradition in manufacturing to the pure indulgence of the smoking ritual.  Matt entered the industry from the soil level thanks to  John Oliva of Oliva Tobacco. Matt learned and is stilling learning, every day, everything he can of the soil to the cigar. In his pursuit of perfection, he carries his passion for excellence, a sense of refinement, and consumate elegance.

The Brand

Fernandez Quiroga is committed to creating prestigious cigars with character, distinguished by their elegance and complexity, since 2013.  These outstanding cigars are the result of rigorous attention to detail, for FQ accepts nothing less then excellence.  This uncompromisingly independent spirit, dedicated to unostentatious achievement, exemplifies the inimitable elegance for which FQ is known.

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